Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Hi and I'm giving you all a sneak preview

Hi! I hope your day is going well. I am going to post a sneak peak at a new set I made for the store.

Don't you just love seeing new ideas or inspiration for your own wonderful creations.

This set was actually designed with a banner in mind. For a bridal shower or a great party for that girl or woman in your life. It turned into these cuts and even more ideas. Hope it inspires you!!

Thank you for looking


Sunday, September 30, 2012

Another Great Share

Good morning! May you be especially blessed this Lord's Day A day set aside to worship our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. I pray that you all take the time to hear God speak to you through His word, The Bible. Church, where you may join in fellowship and worship. In Prayer, where you can speak directly to our Savior. If you are unable to go to church, remember that God will be with you. We who know Jesus are never alone.

Just had to say how thankful I am. People have been praying for me and encouraging my family. I so thank everyone for these loving acts of kindness! God is so good. So I am praying that God will specially bless each of you! that your eyes would see and praise Jesus for all He does in your life.

Sheri, a good friend who likes to make files and cards, layouts and more, shared a card she made from one of my cutter files. Her blog is listed under her Name to the right here. Please leave this wonderful lady some love!

Using white cardstock and only a couple of the layers, this flower with ribbon, is colored with copies and highlighted with the Uniball white gel pen.
Beautiful and easy! Thanks-your Sheri!
Pray for those hurting and in need!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

New Design Team Member

Hi! Sorry it has been so long since I shared. Just a short statement to say they are changing some of my medicines in the hopes of helping me. It takes time to transition, so Ive been out of commission. We are back at it with some exciting mews.

Elizabeth has joined our design team and is sharing some wonderful work with you today.! Like most of us. working full time and relaxing by creating. Boy does she relax well!

This was done with our "flying flower" butterfly. Don't you love the texture and elegance of this card?

Our Mum Flower cuts in as many layers as you want for that 3D effect. Distressed in this picture, just add your sentiment and ready to send.
The embossing on these "Gerber" daisies and the enhancing on the edges really make the flower stand out. She also used a limited time "Dragonfly" cut file. Signing up for the store's newsletter here or on the store website helps you get those special files.

So welcome Elizabeth and thank you for your lovely work.

Check out her website http://shrinkingmimsy.blogspot.com/.

Looking for SVG, MTC or SCAL 3 files - please visit the store at http://www.royalinspirationssvg.com

Please share what you make. We love to see your creativity too!

Thank You!


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Are You As Frustrated As I Am?

Okay, I have had one of those sleepless nights again, but that is okay.  I do that all the time.   One of the things I realized as I was looking at some of my favorite places, I am so frustrated.   What a way to start my day right?

To be fair, my frustration won't change anything for most of you.  It won't be earth shattering,  The only thing it will do is change me.  I can only use it to make things better or worse.   I can choose what I will do.

I hope I have chosen to make things better.  So now you ask, what is this all about?  Well here goes . . .

In looking at other blogs, stores and forums, I discovered one theme.  A very graphic or geometric style.   Colors that didn't leave a heart warming feeling or a desire to look at more.  You have seen the look with the zigzag lines, the "work zone" look, the under construction colors and more.  Now please, if you love the new look, don't take it as a slam on your style.  That is what this post is all about, style.  In looking at some of the new products and "styles,"  I've discovered that I'm not very interested.  I miss my distress look.  The warm vintage feelings of old "memories."  The inspiration to create.  There is nothing wrong with this style, but it isn't my style.   What to do? 

I am a designer.  I look for things that will inspire people.   I try to meet needs that others have.  How am I to do that?  It isn't that I can't draw those things.  Do I want to?
If asked to do it, I would try.  After all, I do create custom work.  But, do I really want to do that when I represent my work.  How do I compete, whether for a design team or anything else?  If you have to use current products, and the products aren't what you like . . .?  Well you see my point. 

I do think it is important to challenge yourself.  To try new things. It usually teaches me about myself.  I am able to create more and use even more techniques.  But, do I like what I've done?  Sometimes.  Sometimes, not so much.  So what do you do?

This whole post was intended to give myself permission to do what I love and not worry about it.  I don't have to make a design team or make files that fit exactly into the current trend.  There are a lot of people in this world that are just like me.  They love what they make and want more of it.  If they use distress techniques on the edges of papers . . . If they use more than one picture on a page . . . If they don't like geometric shapes only on their pages . . . It is not only okay, it is Beautiful. 

So laying my frustration down.  Not living in that moment that I can't find the new papers to my liking.  I choose to find papers I do like or use those that I have.  I can make my own designs on plain cardstock if it comes to that and love it.  It is also okay to do everything from simple pages to ones that take time and a lot of thought.  The ones that you really embellish and journal on.  I love it when I look and I find things I didn't see the first time.  It is like getting a surprise from an old friend.

I hope this encourages you to create not to the trends, but to what you love.  This life is too short to use only what is trendy.  But, to put love in what we do gives to others a little bit of that love too.  Hope you have a beautiful day today and share something you love with those that you love.  God Bless each of you!

These pictures are of a very simple canvas that I was asked to do for a friend.  Hope you like them.


Monday, August 20, 2012

Lisa H Creating for RoyalInspirationsSVG.com Also - SPECIAL

Well I have to thank another one of my talented designers, Lisa H.   I have to apologize for not getting the one project up yesterday, so we will be posting more than one today.  

Lisa is wonderfully talented.   I'm not sure what Lisa can't do!  She was given a new butterfly file that I designed from a picture of a very unusual butterfly and my memory.  This fanciful butterfly is one of my new favorites and Lisa conception of the file is just right for fall!!!

I love the merlot color she used and shimmer and crinkle paper.  A simple card that will bless anyone you send it too. 

The following is another favorite and will not be offered for sale.   It is only available
to those that purchase $10 in files from Royal Inspirations SVG.  I love dragonflies and this one with the way Lisa has displayed it is a new favorite.  How would you use it?  I would love to see any creations that you make with it.   Again, Lisa used this with two different looks and I love them both.  Which is your favorite?   Make sure you check out Lisa's blog at the right side of the page too!  Penny Duncan Creations  are where the little roses came from.   Hope you enjoy the pictures and send them each some love on their blogs.  We all love to hear from you!

Thanks for looking and hope your days are specially blessed!


Thursday, August 16, 2012

It is baby time!

NO!  Not me!   Mary K, used one of my files to design a really cute album!  I just had to share!!!

You can get the file at Royal Inspirations SVG .  

This comes with everything to make that she shows with the exception of the butterfly.   But I have one of those to share too.

Thanks for all your hard work Mary!   Please pray for her and her husband as they are dealing with some health issues with him.   Pray that he would be healed!   That Mary will have strength and that God would please bless them!

These are only a few of the pictures.  Please go to the store to check out the other cute pages.   Again if you want to design for me, let me know!!!  I so appreciate it!

Mary, thanks for your hard work!   I know with all the things going on that you are just not able to do as much as you want.   We are so sad to lose your talent right now, but happy to have you share this with us! 

As always have a great day!!!


Saturday, August 11, 2012

Have a great weekend!

How was your week? I am getting a newlease on life learning new things!

I don't know how many of you have had things happen that shake up your world. We, as a group, usually have had something happen that can change everything. It could be something great! It could also be something that for us, shakes us up. Makes us shake all the way to our toes. It maybe somewhere in between.

Basically I want to talk about what to do about it. what we each can do!

I've had all scenarios happen to me or my family. There are others who have been through much more. In all cases, there has been only one thing. that has ever helped, Can you guess? Yes! God! It is not about going to church, trying. to be a good person, Especially it has nothing to do with how you compare with that guy or girl you know you are better than. This is really just about you and if you believe God.

God is the one and only! He has three forms in one. (Remember. He can be every place all the time!) He is God The Father, God The Son, and God The Holy Spirit! God The Son, Jesus, died on a cross. Have you heard the real, true story? He died to give us a present that only He could give us! A gift of freedom that was free just for believing Him and asking for it. Then, guess what? It was about continuing to allow that to grow! To allow God to be in charge. To desire what He wants!

You see God wants us all to live eventually in Heaven. The difference is not everyone believes or accepts the free gift. Many believe that they can be good enough. They think I am not as bad as so-and-so. Or, worse, they think there is no God and He can't be mean. But do you know God isn't mean and He is very real? He knows you down to the last hair on your head? He knows what you are thinking even if you do  not! So why did I bring this up? It actually is very simple. I've learned something I must share! I' ve learned that I can't be good by myself. Nobody can! I can appear to be good. But,  I am not really. I need help. I need to be clean in my soul. I need help everyday. God is so clean and Holy that I couldn't even go into Heaven to see Him. The Bible says my goodness is like filthy rags!

Well because I did believe God through his L0VE and GRACE to me: I really am clean. and one day when this life is over, I won't be a sinner, I will be changed. and be able to live with Jesus instead of the Hell I deserve because of my" filthy rags." 

You see I've been learning how to really live! It was a miracle I was born. It was by much love I was married. Greater miracle and blessing I was able to have children when they said I couldn't. A tragic loss of my first son to SIDS. (Gods great love through it all-and that is another story.) Great medical issues along with expenses for more than 20 years of our married life. Job losses and gains, and everything else. How does someone do it? Well you can't alone. You can try. But, to REALLY LIVE... It is always with a personal relationship with Jesus! He loved all of us to die for us and pay the real and just price for our sins. You see God in fair. He must have  justice for our sins but, even sent Jesus to pay for our sins if we only accept it.

So when the really great feeling things happen. When the really bad feeling things happen: When the knock you down, mess up your world things happen. I know where I am! I'm in Jesus hands and I am never alone.

May you never go through anything in life alone ever again. May the one with you be the one who died for you! Blessings to you all, I would be honored to pray for you. If you want to know more about Jesus, let me know!

John 3: 16 For God so loved the world that He gave His Only Begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

What a promise! Have a great weekend!


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Heartfelt Creations' New Set

I know some of you who know me, know that I am not a card maker.  I don't understand why!!!  I know, I know, how can you scrapbook and not make cards???  Well I can't answer that or I might find a way to fix it.  But, I do love beautiful work and better yet, I love quality products.  I persoanlly know the people that own this company and they are the best.   Their products are just wonderful and the attention to that quality is so important to me.

Please check out this Christmas/Winter line.   It is great as you can use it all year round.  I picture it with more than winter or Christmas.  The lamps and decorative metal scrolls could be used for so much more!!!  

Heartfelt Creations Blog

Blessings friends, may your day be filled with joy and creative abundance!!!


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Blog to check out

A very creative friend of mine has made another very simple master piece!!!  it is just so lovely!!!   You need to go check it out at Creative Reflections  Please leave her some love too.   I love that I can share this with all of you and I hope it inspires you to get into your supplies and play!!!  Some of my happiest moments are when I have just been experimenting with the supplies I love!!!

Happy Accidental Creations to you all!!!!


Sunday, August 5, 2012

File Samples and a Big Thank You!

I want to thank Melanie for being a designer for RoyalInspirationsSVG.com She did the following (see pictures) and did a great job

The card was made for a niece that had broken off with her boyfriend. Well the inside read "Sometimes we have to go through some frogs to find our prince charming!!". How great is that.

The Birthday Card/Book used a plastic neon green on the back of this multi-page gift, added stability for the book and was a great color. The Happy is attached to the back page. Each letter of birthday represents an individual 2-sided page for sentiments, pictures and more. The black really makes it pop, don't you think?

Thanks for looking and thank you Melanie!!!


Friday, August 3, 2012

Going with techno stuff LOL

This is a test. I think I can post from my phone now!!

I'm sending a pic of an ATC I did for a swap on Blackcat US Forum. It really was fun. If it is a repeat, please forgive me. Have to be geeky me!!

Have a great day and may God be glorified.


Thursday, August 2, 2012

A post from a friend

We belong to the same forum at Blackcatus.com   It is all about our electronic die cutting system.  I love my Cougar and she has a Lynx.  To inspire, I issued a challenge to make Faux Postage Stamps.   This very talented lady made some amazing ones to send to her partner in the swap. 

Check it out here http://reflectionsandcreativity.blogspot.com/

Make sure you read other posts on her blog.  She has a very creative mind and shares wonderful ideas and tips.

Thanks for looking and send people over, as I'm going to be trying to inspire as others have inspired me!!!


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

My Niece's Wedding

Hi everyone!!!  We had so much fun at my Niece's wedding. It was fun and the people were participating and just enjoying themselves. My parents were the couple married the longest and they even danced. It was a great day!!  Knowing that my other Niece's little boy was okay and home from the hospital made it even better!!

 Everyone looked so nice!!  It was a beautiful and fun evening.

I made a gift for them with canvas's, my Black Cat cutter and some free and designed files.

Behind the canvas is a box with a travel pattern on it that is also part of the gift given to them.  These all fit into the box.   I love doing these as gifts at they make a great gift that is something that nobody else can give.    I used  wonderful shimmer paper, glitter paper, Graphix 45 paper, The best Glue, Tim Holtz embelishments and I had so much fun.  I hope you enjoy this and would love to see what you create.

Please check out my new store www.royalinspirationssvg.com for some of the designs that I make.  There are free files and also those to buy.  If you need something designed to make your own gift or even made for you, please contact me!!!  

Thank you for looking!  Blessings!!


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A New Machine in Town!!

There is a new machine in town.   A machine that does even more than my Black Cat Cougar does.   I love my cutter and making files to make just what I want.   But, this machine is not only quiet but does so at a speed that makes yo want to just watch it work.  Check it out here;  Pheonix Silver Bullet by Louise  She does a great job explaining the differences on the machine and the service.   

I have to say that my service from Sherri and Dawn has been outstanding.   The forum has been a wonderful place to share what I do with others with the same passion.   

Hope your day has been wonderful!!!


Friday, July 20, 2012

Big Announcement !!!

A New Venture - Check out the new store www.royalinspirationssvg.com
Offering SVG, MTC and SCAL3 files.   There are even more files to come and I'm looking forward to designing things for others too!!!

I can't wait to have people tell me if they like or even don't like the store.   I love the feedback as I'm learning.   I was laid off of my job and this is a new thing for me.   But designing files, I just love.

Please check it out!!!   Please let me know too!



Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Blog "giveaway" on a friend's blog


Dana is a great one at creating fun and great projects.  So follow on her blog, friend her on facebook and pinterest if you love her stuff like I do.  Make sure she knows.   I know when I don't get a response, it makes you feel like you are talking to yourself!!  (Okay - laugh, I know I talk to myself and answer too!.) 

Have a great week.   Today was a great day as I am at work and to be honest - only started hurting just a little bit ago.  Blessings friends, and remember to do something for someone and give Jesus the glory!


Sunday, April 29, 2012

New things coming!

Hi friends!  I know it is forever since I have posted.   But I wanted to let you know something exciting is going to happen.   I can't tell you exactly what yet, but it will involve something new from me.   I hope you will enjoy what it is.

Hugs to you all and I hope you are crafting!