Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Blog "giveaway" on a friend's blog


Dana is a great one at creating fun and great projects.  So follow on her blog, friend her on facebook and pinterest if you love her stuff like I do.  Make sure she knows.   I know when I don't get a response, it makes you feel like you are talking to yourself!!  (Okay - laugh, I know I talk to myself and answer too!.) 

Have a great week.   Today was a great day as I am at work and to be honest - only started hurting just a little bit ago.  Blessings friends, and remember to do something for someone and give Jesus the glory!


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  1. Awe Retta... Thanks for the plug and kind words!!!! I LOVE your blog... it is so YOU!!!!


I am really excited you chose to visit. Your comments mean a lot to me and i so appreciate them. Have a very special day, and thank you!