Sunday, September 30, 2012

Another Great Share

Good morning! May you be especially blessed this Lord's Day A day set aside to worship our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. I pray that you all take the time to hear God speak to you through His word, The Bible. Church, where you may join in fellowship and worship. In Prayer, where you can speak directly to our Savior. If you are unable to go to church, remember that God will be with you. We who know Jesus are never alone.

Just had to say how thankful I am. People have been praying for me and encouraging my family. I so thank everyone for these loving acts of kindness! God is so good. So I am praying that God will specially bless each of you! that your eyes would see and praise Jesus for all He does in your life.

Sheri, a good friend who likes to make files and cards, layouts and more, shared a card she made from one of my cutter files. Her blog is listed under her Name to the right here. Please leave this wonderful lady some love!

Using white cardstock and only a couple of the layers, this flower with ribbon, is colored with copies and highlighted with the Uniball white gel pen.
Beautiful and easy! Thanks-your Sheri!
Pray for those hurting and in need!

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  1. What a beautiful bright flower twirling in the breeze on a lovely delicate backdrop!Great combination and beautifully designed! Bravo!


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