Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Hi everyone. Sorry this is so long in coming l I am officially home now. My health has gone downhill. Just a note of explanation, chronic pain is a bit like sitting in the meddle of a fire and you cannot get out. The pain is more like electric shocks of pain, along with your skin being ultra sensitive to anything touching you. The more I do, the more I hurt.

Having said that, my doctors do the best they can to take as much pain away. Of course, me on strong pain meds can be a bit funny. Especially when my mind forgets or is walking in that pain and med induced fog. So bear with me!

God is so good, I've had the opportunity to be there for friends going through things. time to listen and especially pray. Mike and the boys help and I'm thankful for that. My life is changing in ways I just never expected to, not this soon or this fast. I worked until I just couldn't.

Ive been busy drawing and hope to be sharing a bunch of new things. soon. Blessings and thanks for reading all this!