Saturday, September 6, 2014

Construction Going On

With all the art journaling going on, I wanted to share a file that I was working on.  With rough sided bricks and patches of plaster or mortar scraped over the crumbling bricks in places, this makes a very textured background. A crumbling castle wall, a sun decked wall with a gecko sprinting up down and side to side, or an inner city wall with graffiti painted and scratched into the surface. 

You will have an easy time cutting this as a stencil and the ADDED BONUS, of creating an embossing folder or bricks to put right on your project. 

The great part of using a cutter file is you decide what you need.  The size you want. 

I also sell this in my Etsy store already done for you in a 5.5 x5.5" size.  

Now some notes:

1.  Making a stencil normally means making it out of plastic. Stencil plastic is relatively inexpensive from your local department stores.  Using a large enough  piece of packaging plastic, a cereal box, or any box that isn't too thick for your cutter will also work. (Free also, Yahoo!) I have also used the plain old card stock for stencils that I don't mind cutting out another time. I then don't have to store them.  They are naturally distressed from using as a stencil and I will then use the stencil by attaching it to the project. 

2. Keeping the pieces in the right spots??  HOW????  You may use transfer tape or drywall tape  after weeding the negative part (the part that the bricks were cut out of) away from the bricks.

Note, if your bricks aren't thick enough when embossing, put on another layer. Place the negative side on also, adding to the depth of the piece that will receive the bricks if you are making an embossing 

3.  The No. 2 note works for several applications.  Using the bricks directly on the project or making an embossing folder. 

This photo is of a piece of white card stock with a black object showing through the cuts.  Don't you just love this.  To be able to make my own designs at any size I need. Layouts, Cards, and of course the school Castle project!!