Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Weather In Northern Indiana

 I've wondered for years why I live in Northern Indiana? The weather here is extreme and all things between. It is also all I have ever known.   The place is full of wonderful people. People that love the Lord and are such a blessing.   I would move to paint the scenary in the mountains, the beaches, or dessert. I would travel if I could to see all the things I've read  about and dreamed of.   I do think I would come back here for all the people I love though!

 Having said all that, my health limits those dreams. The weather affects how I feel and lately that is quite a bit of pain.  I try to do things that will focus on God's creations, something beautiful.

 I drew this rose on 140 lb.  cold-pressed watercolor paper and painted it with  Derwent InkTense pencils.  They work like watercolor pencils with a few differences. They are ink and when dry, they are permanent. They can't be lifted once dry. The colors are also more vibrant. I'm having  a great time trying these out!

 I've shown this on facebook, so please forgive me if you've seen this before.

I hope you let God's creation inspire you! I tried another piece today and am not happy with it. I'm still learning and will use that one to teach me what not to do!   I'm so  happy it helps keep my mind focused on God and not myself.  

 Many blessings to you all with a prayer that your needs will be met and your life glorifying to God!