Friday, August 29, 2014

I'm finally connecting!

It is always a struggle for me to post.  Sometimes I don't have the picture available, or I think about it and then forget (old timers setting in? LOL,) or most generally I'm not sure that I'm really that interesting!  I'm ordinary, even if now disabled. I just don't have much excitement.  But, I'm usually happy and always grateful. I'm happy to take your prayer requests and honored to go before The Lord with those requests.

So now to share a little crafty goodness and to hear some of yours!

On Oriental Scrapping Yahoo Group a wonderful lady made this observation.  And because I don't do this much, I forgot to write her name down. Please forgive me for that.

7)  Don't disregard some of the 'kid' or 'student' lines made by some of the bigger art supply manufacturers.  Did you know that the gel sticks made by Faber Castell are the same as gelatos?  I know because when they were introduced at CHA a few years back, I asked a representative what the difference was.  In a nutshell?  The gelatos are color coordinated and part of their mixed media system.  You're paying for the matching of certain colors and the specialized color palette.  Now the difference is that gelatos have more colors to choose from.  If you just want basics, buy the kid ones, they are the same (I have some of the first gelatos and they aren't even marked differently on the tube from the gel sticks--I've since forgotten which is which and cannot tell them apart).  The colors in the kids line are acid free and 'color fast' and at one time had the *exact* same write up as the costlier gelatos.  F-C isn't the only company to do this; look for a sale and try a 'kid' brand now and could be pleasantly surprised :)

With money being tighter for most of us, I thought about this and have found less expensive alternatives on some things too. I hope that this helps you discover ways to save money in different areas of your life. 

I'm hoping to post more regularly to help me accomplish some goals.  Please pray toward that!   And thank you!


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